Minor Requirements

To Declare or Discuss the PSCI minor, please visit a PSCI advisor's walk-in hours.

The following requirements apply to students who declare a Political Science minor in the Spring 2008 and thereafter

  1. Three hours of PSCI 1101 American Political System.
  2. Six hours to be distributed from two of the following courses: PSCI 2012, PSCI 2223, PSCI 2004 or PSCI 2075.
  3. Nine hours upper division must be distributed in a minimum of two fields listed in table below.
  4. Three hours of PSCI lower or upper division elective.
  5. Total hours required in political science courses: 21, with at least 9 upper division.
Political Science Subfields and Course Numbering System
American (PSCI 3xx1/4xx1) Theory (PSCI 3xx4/4xx4)
Comparative (PSCI 3xx2/4xx2) Methodology (PSCI 3xx5/4xx5)
International Relations (PSCI 3xx3/4xx3 Policy (PSCI 3xx6/4xx6)

Minor as it affects IAFS majors

  1. No more than nine credit hours toward the Minor can come from courses which count toward another major.
  2. International Affairs majors must take PSCI 1101, at least one upper division course in American Politics, and one course (lower or upper division) in Political Theory, plus one upper division elective. 

If you have questions about the Political Science minor please e-mail to Megan.Wurster@Colorado.EDU or  Eryn.Elder@Colorado.EDU