Minor Requirements

University of Colorado Boulder – Political Science (PSCI) Minor Requirements


Overall Requirements:  21 total PSCI credits, 9 of the 21 credits must be upper division

Complete the below courses with a C- or higher:

  • PSCI 1101-Introduction to American Politics
  • Two of the following courses:
    • PSCI 2004-Survey of Western Political Thought
    • PSCI 2012-Introduction to Comparative Politics
    • PSCI 2223-Introduction to International Relations
    • PSCI 2075-Quantitative Research Methods
  • Nine credits of upper division PSCI courses, which must be distributed in a minimum of two fields listed in the table below.
American (PSCI 3xx1/4xx1) Theory (PSCI 3xx4/4xx4)
Comparative (PSCI 3xx2/4xx2) Methodology (PSCI 3xx5/4xx5)
International Relations (PSCI 3xx3/4xx3) Policy (PSCI 3xx6/4xx6)
  • Three credits of PSCI lower or upper division electives

To declare or discuss the Political Science minor, please visit a Political Science advisor's walk-in or major declaration hours. You can view the Political Science advisors’ walk-in and major declaration hours at www.colorado.edu/mycuhub/. You can also reach out directly to the Political Science advisors:

Laura Brubaker-Wittman – University Club 215, Laura.Brubaker@Colorado.EDU, (303) 492-2981

Laura Cooper – University Club 207, laura.cooper@colorado.edu, (303) 492-3516


Political Science List of courses, SPRING 2016 can be found here.